Working with Karen

Karen's focus is on inner healing and self-empowerment, or transformation.

The experience is compassionate and empowering. Intuitive, gentle, empathic, creative processes that can help you when words are not enough - utilising imagery and symbols that are meaningful to you, in order to help you recover your life.

With Karen as your guide, you are able to see beyond the structure of your everyday perceptions of yourself and the world, to delve deeper to connect to the essence of your inner being - you will find you are able to access your personal wisdom, resources and find answers to what you seek about your life's challenges.


The journey within is life affirming with positive change, freedom and authentic self expression and can improve your mental health or wellness.

When words are not enough

Creative and expressive therapies help clients to relax and open up when they are ready using symbols or imagery meaningful to them as individuals.

Solutions become easier as you gain clarity and insight, re-build self-confidence, understand your deeper emotions and how to process them safely, experience inner healing and much more.

Internal world

Our internal world reflects our outer world - and so ... be it a picture in the sand, or on paper or in a story, our inner world becomes revealed in order to show us what we need to know in order to heal that part of us in that moment.

Suitable for

Karen's clientele is mainly women of all ages, children and young teens.

Creative therapies used in transpersonal counselling are very effective for children in helping them resolve inner conflict. Mindfulness and positive cognitive processes are blended in a way that is natural to them.

There is hope

I support inner healing of emotional issues from the inside out.

Help for all kinds of situations including trauma, anxiety, shame, teen angst, bullying, depression, grief, anger issue, confusion, spiritual crisis (inner spirit) and more. Inner healing of the soul.  

You are so much

more than you imagine

Wellbeing for your child or teen

Creative therapies help guide YOUR CHILD or TEEN individually to improve their mental wellbeing and learn tools to navigate issues in their own lives. 

I have created a beautiful space where your child can feel safe to explore their inner-world and what troubles them.

In a fairy-like garden, and the studio, there is a feeling of magic and of possibilities.


BENEFITS of using creative therapies in holistic, transpersonal counselling:

  • Can help share what is deep within when words are not enough

  • Safe, gentle and powerful processes for all ages

  • Non threatening

  • No experience required - it's about the process, not the end result

  • Can help and explore issues such as life changes, identity and relationships

  • Can help resolve inner conflicts

  • Can help make sense of behaviours

  • Can help express and awaken deeper emotions in order to inner heal

  • Can help with behaviour and emotions where there is no medical causation

  • Can help understanding of emotions and how to process them

  • Can help with problem solving

  • Can help with inner healing the wounds of the past

  • Can help with processing and transforming grief

  • Can help with processing and transforming trauma

  • Can help with finding direction

  • Can help with focus

  • Can help with concentration

  • Can help gain clarity and insight

  • Can help build self confidence

  • Can help transform anxiety

  • Can help transform depression where there is no medical causation

  • Can help with mindfulness

  • Can help with internal spiritual crisis - of understanding the role of our soul

  • Can help with processing and transforming nightmares and fears

  • Can help live a happier and more peaceful way from within

  • Can help alleviate burnout.