• Karen Curran

Understanding the relationship of body, soul, spirit ...

Each of us has a spirit, a soul, and lives in a body.

8 Oct 2019 Simply, we are made up of body, soul and spirit - and they all interact with each other. Additionally, according to Celtic tradition, the soul shines within and all around the body like a luminous cloud. For me, the Celtic explanation fits best because we can feel the souls of each other which expand far beyond the body. You can feel the energy of the soul before you actually get close to the person. This can be positive or negative, and we react accordingly. 

If someone says, 'they have a beautiful soul', they are sensing it, feeling the soul. It is not contained to the body.

Why is this important to know? ...

Our SOUL is what gives us our personality and through which we live out our relationship with the Divine, with other people and with our self. Our soul has three major components - our mind, will and emotions. Our mind also has a conscious part and a subconscious part.

It is in our SPIRIT that we find meaning and purpose in life. At its deepest level our spirit gives us meaning and purpose and enables us to love on all different levels and have a relationship with the Divine in whatever form that is. Our SPIRIT give us intuition between right and wrong. If our SPIRIT is not in a right place, then it will affect our physical health. Our SPIRIT is the IGNITION like the wick in a candle.

Our spiritual heart is connected to our physical heart. Both affect each other.

Then there is our BODY which is how we function through our organs and cells. Our BODY also contains our nervous system and we connect to the physical world with our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.

When we have been subjected to great stress, traumatic events, grief or other serious wounds, there becomes an out of balance between out body, soul and spirit. This means that, for some of us - be they child or adult - our spirit can feel like it has shrivelled, become numb or hidden, or died within us.

Spiritual soul work

Are you on your own spiritual journey? Do you feel like your soul is awakening to something more? By helping my clients access their inner world in a safe but powerful way - using empowering, creative processes which bypass the mind, their inner wisdom can be accessed naturally, and healing and restoration of the soul can occur from the inside out. The spark of the spirit can re-ignite and the person begins to change over a series of sessions, leading to the emergence of their inner light.  

This is just as important for those who are exploring their own spiritual journey and not just for those who have suffered pain. It can help people feel more empowered or to be more satisfied at their stage of life no matter what it is that they do. Soul work helps in understanding yourself and why you do the things you do. This is about the inner spirit - your inner spirit. It is not to do with religion. Your faith is your own. It is about the awakening of your soul and can be a true blessing and gift to yourself.


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