• Karen Curran

The Angel with a Broken Wing

Gingerly I opened the package sent by a colleague friend. 'I have no use for these ... can you use them?' she had asked.

Returning to the package ... inside were two detailed angels. But no ordinary angels - these are Archangels - RAPHAEL and MICHAEL. One of the angels - Michael - had arrived with a broken wing.

If you are into movies, you may remember a movie called 'City of Angels' 1998 where an angel played by Nicolas Cage came to earth and became transformed into a human. Not society's normal perception of an angel.

And another movie, 'Michael' 1996 with John Travolta as the angel Michael, who is sent to Earth to do various tasks, including mending some wounded hearts - in effect, their 'broken wings', in order heal wounds and help them become self-empowered. This portrayal of the angel Michael is utterly different to any of our perceptions as he had so many flaws of his own - but at the centre, his heart was in the right place.

So, I wondered about the broken wing. What kind of message could this be for me? Could I fix the wing?

I am used to fixing things and prolonging their life. I have so many objects in my studio, but I always welcome new ones of interest, for you never know when they may be called into use - and not always for the reasons you might imagine - for every person an object is a symbol personal to them. I am holding to the promise of the future that they will be used again.

So I pondered ...

- the wing was broken on its journey to me, yet it found its way to me. (It had a purpose).

- I felt the little sculpture wanted the wing fixed. (It still had some use in life.)

- I had to 'hold' the wing and object together.

As I held the wing and glue in place waiting for them to cement together, I wondered about those who fix broken wings in real life. I honoured the dedicated people in WIRES, vets, medical personnel and others who just care so much.

- I thought of those with 'broken wings' that have come my way.

Those who come to work with me - who have had their wings broken or clipped - feeling disempowered and with a loss of hope. And then, finding a way through, finding their wings, becoming empowered and free.

So, what was this saying to me?

Facing my own disillusionment and sadness a few days ago, I had asked in prayer for some encouragement in some way.

A broken wing may be broken. But with careful and loving care, it can be made whole. It can even knit stronger together than it was in the past.

I felt it was an encouragement to me to keep on keeping on. I resolved to keep on doing my best to adapt and find ways through - to inspire hope in others.

And, if anyone is interested in the traditional meanings of these two angels ... RAPHAEL is associated with Healing.

MICHAEL is the Defender and Protector, imparting strength.

May this story bring you hope or inspiration in some way.

- Karen

_____________________________________________ "Take these broken wings

And learn to fly again"

Mr Mister


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