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Phoenix Rising - a magical story

Updated: Feb 19

Dear reader, travel with me into the night … for there is something special in the air. The stars twinkle even more than usual as if in anticipation. And then you notice a magnificent creature - a large bird with amazing colours building a nest in the wee small hours. It moved slowly, for it had done much and was weary. It wanted to renew its strength and take its wisdom forward into something new.

Phoenix Rising by Karen Curran

As the beautiful creature builds its nest, you can feel its exhaustion as it lays down and curls up within - the wings covering its head. And you notice a spark from the heavens fall upon the nest which causes an instant and great fire that consumes both the bird and the nest. But, dear reader, there is no pain. Do not worry - for something amazing is about to happen. In three days something magical will happen. It is said that this magnificent bird lived in the dimension and land of Paradise, so it could never truly die. It had lived a good life and it was now one thousand years and was ready to move on. And now its spirit was resting as the body had been consumed. And the knowledge and experience was being stored within the spirit to be taken forward.

On the third day you notice a golden feather. And your heart skips a beat, wondering at the possibility … and you notice another feather. And a shape begins to emerge - a shape so glorious - just like the magnificent creature before, but one with renewed strength and beauty - wings unfolding and spreading out around. The creature keeps circling slowly on the ground and the ashes melt into the air, disappearing as colours of glorious hues come into view. Only this beautiful creature is left. She circles once more on her feet, then raises her incredible wings of many colours and lifts off the ground and up into the magical sky.

She is going forward confidently - renewed in spirit and strength, taking her wisdom and experience with her. What new possibilities await?


There are times in our lives where we have a longing to change direction, to have our own strength renewed. What can you do, or have done, to have that feeling? Is it something you would like?

You will know - because, regardless of age, your heart will sing at what you are doing and you will experience the inner knowing of being renewed and doing what is right for you at that time. Some people may experience a few different cycles of change in life, others only one. Each of us is an individual and on a different path. And those paths may change.

Have you discovered yours? Story interpretation and illustration of the phoenix rising by Karen Curran