• Karen Curran

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time there was a little girl born into a loving family. They lived in a modest home with a garden. She felt particularly drawn to one corner of the back garden where it felt magical. She could feel the fluttering wings around her and be enveloped in a beautiful haze amongst the butterflies and ethereal beings, many times being able to see the tiny beings as they knew she loved them. The little girl had a knowing and understanding far beyond her years and stepped into that ethereal world where she felt love all around and perfectly safe.

But as grownups know, there are people in the world who pretend to be good and nice, but who are actually very bad. And a bad person tricked the little girl into doing what they wanted and harmed her so badly that her real self disappeared in order to escape and survive.

Does it sound like a fairy tale? It isn’t. But thankfully there was finally a happy ending. Can you relate to something similar? This particular little girl lived a life of fear for decades until she was ready to go the journey of healing and become empowered to live differently. You do not need to wait that long.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I found the way through to live a different way of being. We store our experiences in our body - the body remembers. And if you are suffering pain without knowing the origin, or having regular nightmares and flashbacks, your body is literally alerting you to the fact that it wants you to let go of those harmful experiences and memories and turn them into something positive and healing


If you have been on a searching path for your own inner healing or suffer fears, anxiety, nightmares or any other worries, the processes I use could help you transform those experiences. As a holistic practitioner I use creative therapies such as Sandplay and Art Therapy, Music, Visualisation Journeys and more to help you transform these experiences into healing back for you. It is called emotional or inner healing. If you think these processes could help you, or your child, I work both from a Blue Mountains studio and online. Contact Karen here.


20 January 2020


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