• Karen Curran

Loss IS personal

Take a moment to consider ... what loss/es have you experienced? Ponder and write them down.

I am so sorry for your loss. Not one of us is immune - we all suffer loss. Grief and loss take many forms - loss can be anything including loss of dreams, childhood, hope, beloved pets, loved ones, relationships, business or career, health, a teacher, youth and so many more forms. It is whatever it is for you.
 No-one can tell you how or when to grieve. Sometimes we live with grief our whole lives.

Finding a way through is where I help clients.

This has been an exceptional year where collectively we have all suffered loss, as well as individual losses, causing grief that many internalise - be it adult or child.

There may be a sense of shock, betrayal, devastation, relief; and also anger, rage; and questioning of self and of others.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Every person is an individual. It is about finding what is right and true for you. Sometimes grief may be influenced by your cultural traditions - but inevitably - it is about you finding your own way through, and forming a 'new relationship' with whatever you suffered as loss. Years ago, many were told that they had to go through certain levels or stages of grief. That is no longer recommended. Finding a way through, and a new way to honour/have that loved one in their life, is what helps many of us.

Sometimes it can be as simple as having a ceremony with a candle - remembering and honouring your loss and holding them in your heart - baby, person or pet. Be gentle with yourself.

There is no shame in grief.


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