• Karen Curran

Inner journey - a flicker of gold

One Saturday evening a few years ago I was with a small group of women who partook in a beautiful fire ceremony in circle in a national park. Above us were the magnificent stars, surrounded by the whispers of the trees, animals of the night and bush sounds, with the crackling sound of the flames in the fire-pit. It was a time of deep contemplation - to feel into the next step in our own inner journeys. What to recognise. What to let go of.

There are so many layers. For example, you might be alerted to release grief, but it is only one layer. Grief's turn will come another time in another layer to recognise and release. It is truly a journey.

We were asked to sit in silence in the dark with a piece of stone and carve into it without being able to see. I did not look at my stone until the following day. My stone appears to me to show many trails on my journey. There is a flicker of gold in the centre - the prize that Joseph Campbell talks about in The Hero's Journey. It's the good we can take out of our current experiences and from that point move to the next step in our own personal inner healing journeys. You could do a similar exercise with a metallic colour pen or white crayon on a black piece of light card or art paper. Look up at the stars and just feel into the drawing without looking at it. Afterwards, see what story in the pattern on the paper speaks to you.

Many blessings.

Soapstone carving
Journey under the stars


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