• Karen Curran

Exploring your core beliefs

You are walking in the sand ... you see that your feet make footprints. They make a mark on the sand. Did you realise that your thoughts leave a mark on your brain?


We all have core beliefs - but they are just beliefs. Ask yourself, 'how do I know this belief is true?' It is just a belief. For example, if you think,'I am stupid'. How do you know this belief is true? When did you first accept that belief? How long have you been repeating that belief to yourself?

It is just a belief - a story you have taken on as a belief. And when we recognise and understand why we have those beliefs, it is the first step to changing the stories we tell ourselves, and the first step to becoming our authentic self.

Perhaps you may like to take a sheet of paper and write down your core beliefs. They may challenge you, but it is worthwhile to explore.

We can change the stories we tell ourselves. It truly will make a difference to how you live.

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