• Karen Curran

Dreaming into being

12 Aug 2019

A few years ago I remember a time of learning when I had more personal challenges to recognise and find a way through, but also much creation. At the time I was attending 3 day retreat was about dreaming - the dreams we carry for the future. What do we want in our life? What do we want to achieve? What do we want to change about ourselves? How to put the dreams into being. Do we need support to achieve those dreams? and much more. What are we dreaming into being?

Do you have a dream? Do you remember your dreams? Do you write your dreams in a dream journal? Some people will keep a dream journal and put clippings and writings together to help them visualise their dream into being. Or use a dream board.

Meditation is also a tool to help you dream.

You may ask ...I keep dreaming about a baby, but I am long past the age to have a baby, so why is this happening? (Happens to both male and female.)

You might then ask yourself ... what does the baby represent to you? Does it represent the birth of something else? - the birth of a new venture, a new part of your life - moving on and so on? Only you will know the answers within to these questions - but this is the importance of journalling. As you write down your thoughts and dreams, a picture will emerge of what is really important to you.

Your dream might be something you wanted to do as a child but felt would never happen. It can also be about the feeling ... what else would make you feel the same way?

Detail from painting by Karen Curran
Dreaming into being

Start writing your thoughts down and more insight will come to you.

Many blessings.


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