• Karen Curran


23 Sept 2019 She sat on the rock hugging her knees tightly to herself feeling dejected and lost.

Something lightly brushed her forehead. She pushed it away with the back of her hand as if it was an irritation or intruder into her space.

Again it brushed her forehead and she looked up. The little creature had transparent skeletal wings that shone and there was a light all through its little body. Its eyes shone brightly challenging her to look eye to eye. After a few moments it darted around as if to say, ‘follow, follow me’.

Fascinated, she unwound herself and moved off the rock standing a little unsteadily upon the soft sand. ‘How exquisite it is,’ she thought.

She suddenly felt stronger and stood taller. And, from the depths within her, she felt confidence rise up. Distracted from her grief, she felt that something was calling her to do something different. And to feel joy in it.

She thanked the dragonfly, bowing her head gently in acknowledgement, and then strode happily into the light. Into hope.

- Karen Curran

In this little story that I wrote, we witness the spiritual message that dragonfly imparts to us. A message that symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realisation. A metamorphosis. The woman goes through changes - starting with untangling herself as she comes to an understanding and self realisation.

This transformation message has its source in self growth and understanding of the deeper meaning of life. May you be open to whatever wisdom the message of dragonfly brings to you personally. Many blessings. 🙏


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