• Karen Curran

Changing the effects of trauma on your child

Does your child deserve better?

Today, many children are crying out for help, but no-one notices.

Try this:

Imagine that you open your eyes in the morning and all you can see is dark clouds around you despite the daylight. Feel it. You stretch out your hands but you can't make the dark clouds go away. You are scared. The fear immobilises you. You freeze. Then you start seeing glimpses of ‘normal’ life around you but you are too frozen to reach out.

Everything you do is on auto-pilot. You might get yelled at to get a move on, but it's so hard to pull yourself into the present. You are scared if you tell someone then something bad will happen. To you. To your loved ones. So you do not tell. You keep moving on auto-pilot.

Sounds can trigger you at a moment’s notice. And you go back into that same feeling and state again. It happens so often that you do not remember what life was like before.

For some of you, the events were so terrifying that you have blocked them out completely and have no recollection of why you are reacting this way. Your feet drag. Your heart feels heavy.

All your energy goes into just getting through the day.

This is what happens to a child in trauma.

They do not have the words to tell what is wrong with them. And a child's body stores trauma memories in the cells of the body ... they can be a lot younger than you think. Even to the times before they are a year old. This is where the work that I do comes in to help them.

In a safe space, I guide the child* to work with creative therapies to create a picture in the sand or on paper which becomes a magical experience as they safely process what their sub conscious is showing them. This is powerful work.

Over a few sessions the child can move from a fearful state into one where their inner light begins to shine.

Doesn't your child deserve the chance to heal from the inside out NOW instead of years into the future? You want the best for your child. And so do I.

I KNOW what it feels like to be a child suffering the effects of trauma. I KNOW that healing is possible and that it is better to be done when you are young rather than allowing decades to pass before you do something about it. There is hope. Contact Karen to make an appointment and see if this work is right for you.

*all ages


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