• Karen Curran

A special experience

A client working on their own inner healing, soul journey, recently was inspired to write this prose. She gave me permission to share it. With heartfelt thanks to Nikki and continued blessings on her work.

Breathe in 3 times.

And into the heart.

Listen to the music.

Sway. Play in the sand

Get drawn to …

See it and decide against …

Oh no, you’ll go back …

and create,

A picture in

the sand.

Sometimes I know straight away,

yes, this is going in.

Sometimes something grabs my

attention and I think, no,

and move on.

I am drawn back; I can’t resist; I’ve tried!

Sometimes I know what an item means.

I always learn more.

It always ends up making sense.

In an often weird way

It constantly blows my mind.

The lines in the sand.

The placement.

The interaction.

The ‘WTF’?

And then, the clarity.

Asking questions

Getting answers

Sensing the energy and the meaning

It all comes together.

It all comes together in the most

amazing way.

It fills me with awe.

It is inspiring.

It is nurtured in such a peaceful,

safe, creative, supportive,

loving, serene environment.

It is a special place.

It is a special experience.”

- Nikki


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