• Karen Curran

A return to joy

This is a photo of me at age 7 months. The joy and innocence is beautiful to see.

I was totally at home with animals and nature even at that very young age. Nowadays I find peace in the bush and beside running water - this is where I feel closest to God.

Those who have been affected by traumatic events of any kind often lose their sense of joy. This can lead to despair for many, or even the loss of the will to live.

To regain a sense of joy requires a decision. Joy is not dependent on any other person. It comes from within.

Because one has to choose to live in the present and choose not to relive the ‘old stories’ over and over. Often that requires help to learn to do this.

photo karen 7months old
Photo karen 7 months old

In my work I help children and people to choose joy naturally with healing of the inner soul by using gentle but powerful transformative creative processes.

My next post will be on How to return to joy.

May you choose joy.

Many blessings.


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