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Mandala Dreaming

Creative expressive art classes exploring various themes age appropriate through mandalas.

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"Mandalas are magic, moments captured, mirrors of our path

Adding colour and form to the awesome inner dance;

Never ending as eternity swings nearer and away along the circle's edge,

Drawn in and out, moving delicately over our souls,

Asking only openness and space to see the

Light that shines, the wheel that turns



What's different about doing mandalas in a group with Karen?

I use Mandalas to guide and work with soul and spirit creatively so that you can receive insight and wisdom for yourself.  Each class (child or adult) includes mindfulness and music. It is a safe and fun and beautiful way to discover universal truths and self soothe and share stories. In studio classes are small - maximum of 4 to 5 people. Online many.

MANDALA is a Sanskrit word for Circle. It is seen as a safe space contained by the boundary of the circle in which to express the feelings in your heart, what you have discovered, and to transform energy as you explore with your spirit.

Mandalas are derived from the circle. In Sanskrit language the world "mandala" actually means a circle. It can also mean to complete something and many cultures and religions of all kinds have used this valuable tool for thousands of years. 

The mandala shape is found everywhere in nature from the basic cell structure, atoms, solar systems, flowers, tree trunk rings, shells, etc. As you observe and wander in nature, you will notice circles in most natural things.

Carl Jung called the mandala "a representation of the unconscious self."

The mandala is a great source for healing and spiritual reflection. 

Mandalas can also be used:

  • Simply for fun

  • To calm or soothe the emotions

  • To explore what might be troubling you

  • To reduce anxiety or stress

  • To help understanding of situations or your own self

  • To give or receive gratitude and insight

  • To reflect and more.


With children’s classes I use MANDALAS mindfully to help children self soothe or calm and to discover something good about themselves. We also discover universal truths that nature and animals can give us.


With teens and adults, we use MANDALAS mindfully also in addition to all the above - but we can also dig deeper and see what meanings the mandala might be giving us individually.


There is such a hidden ‘magic’ within - each MANDALA has a different expression and effect on you.

Even if it’s just colouring in - you can still enjoy the colours and then, on reflection, something becomes clear to you.


JUST FOR FUN, click on the mandala image below and you can then download a PDF of a mandala I created for your enjoyment to colour at home. Suitable for adult or child. There is space to write your own short reflection as well.


Karen also offers a HEART CONNECTION EXPERIENCE  - Celebrating You - which is a very special hour (or two) celebrating you using flowers in a beautiful, safe session where you get to take home your beautiful creation on a sturdy tray. Read more here.

Helps focus and concentration, self soothing, joyful expression

Get a small group together of 4 to 5 people


Located in Karen's studio in a beautiful garden setting at Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW

Karen Curran is a professional holistic practitioner including Art Therapy and Sandplay Therapy, with many gifts and trainings - she provides various holistic services to inspire and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Karen also conducts CEREMONY to mark life events and your spiritual journey. Read more.