Kind words ... most names are withheld for privacy

"We had such a positive experience at the Meet & Greet, and we noticed that how this will benefit our children via a gentle and gradual process of healing at their own pace and comfort. I felt their willingness to be open to the process while connecting unconsciously to their inner self. I am excited at the prospect of the children having individual sessions with you." 

Parent of young children

"I have never seen my child so engaged. Thank you, thank you"

Parent of young child client

Karen has a natural gift to take you on a transformative journey that can ignite the light within your heart and soul.




"Thank you for your time spent with our young son - I noticed a lovely gentle calmness about him after he spent time with you."


Parent of a young child client

"Your 3 best/strongest qualities would be compassion, inner strength and able to see beauty. I believe you offer substantial value to others.
​The work you do ripples out."

Vicki Cook

intuitive coach, energy medicine practitioner and raw food teacher

"One of your greatest strengths is that of empathy which allows you to be connected with your client and to guide in the safe space that you create, towards the solution that will allow them to maximise themselves.


Your gentleness is a great strength as you make it easy for people to begin to uncover what may be holding them back.


Your creativity adds an element of play which allows people to enjoy a process that may otherwise have a heavier energy.


What you have to offer is unique and so filled with heart energy."

Barbara Callan

intuitive consultant

"Karen has provided her services to my kids and the bubbling excitement and enthusiasm each child showed as soon as they completed a session was amazing. There was a sense of lightness, not so much 'the world is on their shoulders' feel, plus a new interest in letting their very own special personalities to be seen.


Karen has a very special gift and the respect, care and confidentiality she provides is a beautiful service and beneficial for everyone." 


Sam - parent 

I love Karen's meditations. Karen's gentle, calm voice and guidance takes you on a safe, soulful inner journey. 

I used the 'Drawing the Feeling of Rain' with my class during daily meditation time. This meditation inspired some very heartfelt illustrations and prayers from the children for rain. 




"Your encouragement of those around you is empowering. Definitely your compassion for others. Your love of family. Your devotion to your community. Your intelligence. Your creativity. Your love of other living creatures!

And your strong sense of justice which you convey!" 


Mayor Mark Greenhill,

Blue Mountains

"From the moment I arrived Karen had created a wonderful healing atmosphere and was very attentive in making sure I was comfortable. Her capacity as a healer is readily visible and was expressed in her beautiful home studio.


During the session Karen left me feeling very spacious and was able to provide a very generous opportunity for me to explore my hidden world. With guided visualisation Karen took me on a deep inner process allowing me to resolve a much sought after relationship which had been severed early in life.


Karen has a very lasting positive impact on all those who choose this wonderfully expansive healing practice." 


CJ mid 30s

"You offer substantial value to others. I see your strongest values as being highly creative with an openness to the beauty in all things and people, which makes you very observant and innovative.

You have strong self-awareness, honesty and integrity.

You inspire hope in others.

You have wonderful communication skills - you clearly explain your ideas and thoughts and have a natural ability to listen.

You are highly empathetic and non-judgemental, sensitive and gentle."


"You are such a living example of a business owner with 100% integrity and someone who constantly works to follow her dreams …"

Robert Gerrish

"You offer incredible value to others in the trauma space. I love the space you have created, I love your willingness to help others. You are a huge huge encourager with a healing gift." 

Woman client

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As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Darug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.
 I honour the custodians of sacred stories, of dreamings and the connections with the deep earth.

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