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Mandala Dreaming - Art Classes for Kids

Creative expressive art classes exploring various themes age appropriate through mandalas. 

Age groups 9-11 years (Primary grades 5, 6) 

12-18 years (High School)


IMPORTANT: If you wish to use your Voucher, please forward your Creative Kids Voucher email to Karen so she can validate and provide discount code when you pay for enrolment. Vouchers can only be used ONCE and must be on a 4 week or more program paid in advance.

Karen Curran ta The Heart of Us is a Creative Kids Provider (Service NSW)



Creative arts are important to every child’s mental health and wellbeing. These relaxing and fun classes incorporate creative use of art, craft and nature materials and an awareness of nature to create mindful symbolic mandalas meaningful to the individual.

With children’s classes we draw MANDALAS mindfully to help children discover their strengths and qualities. 


With teens and adults, we use MANDALAS mindfully also in addition to all the above - but we can also dig deeper and see what meanings the mandala might be giving us individually.


There is such a hidden ‘magic’ within - each MANDALA has a different expression and effect on you.


Students discover

  • how to use imagination for decision making

  • how to see obstacles as opportunities

  • find creative ways to problem solve

  • find creative ways to make decisions

  • gain self confidence

  • experience mindfulness

Program structure varies a little according to the theme and age groups

  • Current age groups are 8-11 years old and 12 to 18 years old, subject to adjustment according to enrolments.

  • Filtered water is provided. Sliced apple or other fruit in season is provided as a snack.


  • Small group of 4 to 8 students - all materials supplied if studio class

About venue - a private home venue

  • The studio is situated in a private garden and is fully air-conditioned and heated for comfort.

  • There are three steps up into the studio. There are three steps up into the laundry/toilet area.

  • As the venue is a private safe space and other classes may follow, we ask that parents/guardians return to collect their child at the designated time outside the gate.

  • Parental permission required 


Located in Karen's studio in a beautiful garden setting at Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW