Prose ~ Poetry

Karen's own poetry/prose is about every day experiences - may you be encouraged or blessed by her writings.

Her inspirational BLOG on Inner Healing has more of her writings.


Karen is currently writing an inspirational book that will include both prose and writing, and illustration.

Karen personally loves the writings of John O'Donohue, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

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A BLESSING for someone far away

    A heart beat

So gentle, so far away

But ever present

    A heart beat

So many miles between us

And yet

    A heart beat

Deep from the wells of my own heart

Ripples of love carry precious and loving prayers

    A heart beat

May you be safe

May your journeys be fulfilling

May you be filled with joy

May your inner wisdom guide you

May you always know you are loved

    A heart beat.

  - Karen Curran 2019



The flames dance as they weave their magic

Orange interleaves with yellow

     and blue and white




There is power underneath

Contained, hidden

Ready to reveal their strength when needed.


But, for now, they dance

They delight in just being

Giving out warmth

Being appreciated


The shadows are comforting

There is no fear

The dark and light interchange in equal measure

And share their wisdom


O flames of fire

Thank you for just being

For your warmth, your comfort

Illuminating the darkness on this cold winter’s night


Flames of life.

- Karen Curran 2018