Would you like to change your (inner) story?

You are so much more than you imagine ...

Change your (inner) story, 
change your life with gentle, transformative, meditative and transpersonal creative processes

No creative experience required. BOOKINGS here.

With Karen's guidance, you can work through any hidden unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and thoughts that affect you and your life.

An online creative therapy session with Karen guides you to see beyond the structure of your everyday perceptions of yourself and the world, to delve deeper to connect to the essence of your inner being. As Karen guides you, you will find you are able to access your personal wisdom, resources and find answers to what you seek about your life's challenges. The journey within is life affirming with positive change, freedom and authentic self expression and can improve your mental health or wellness.

Karen also works with children, helping them transform the effects of worries, change in family relationships, trauma, bullying and more by using creative therapies also including Sandplay and Art Therapy, Music and Storytelling. 

The wonderful thing about these processes - Sandplay and Art Therapy - is that they work for both children and adults when words are not enough. Many times the things that trouble us cannot be put into words. We may not even know what it is. 

But our internal world reflects our outer world - and so ... be it a picture in the sand, or on paper or in a story, our inner world becomes revealed in order to show us what we need to know to heal that part of us in that moment.
It is truly an honour and joy to witness such transformation in all ages. Contact Karen here.


Karen is your guide to work through any hidden unresolved issues, limiting beliefs and thoughts that affect you and your life, including your business life.

The experience is compassionate and empowering. Intuitive, gentle, empathic, creative processes that can help you when words are not enough - utilising imagery and symbols that are meaningful to you, in order to help you recover your life.

Solutions become easier as you gain clarity and insight, re-build self-confidence, understand your deeper emotions and how to process them safely, experience inner healing and much more.

The heart of your vision can be guided by your soul.



Sorrow, pain, emotions, challenges ..

there are no rules with grief or loss.

Your experience is unique. I invite you to share and mourn and heal in this safe space, where you can safely navigate your world over time to find meaning, and re-create your life in a way that is comfortable for you. It is all about you - your pain, your sorrow, and whatever comes to light - supported by gentle, empowering processes. You are truly more than you imagine. 

It is what is at ‘the heart of us’ that matters.

This journey is for you. 

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