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Wellbeing for your emotional heart and soul

Using gentle, powerful and transformative holistic counsel processes, such as Sandplay and Art Therapy, you can make change beyond what you imagine - healing soul emotions from the inside out. You can explore what makes you feel stuck.

My work is all about inner healing of the emotions, heart and soul. Some might call it soul work.


I support inner healing of emotional issues from the inside out. Help for all kinds of situations including trauma, anxiety, shame, teen angst, bullying, depression, grief, anger issue, confusion and more. Inner healing of the soul.  

With safe and powerful processes I guide you to tap into your own inner wisdom to find the answers you seek and promote inner healing and mental wellness. No matter what your age, there is hope.

It doesn't matter if you feel lost personally or professionally - working with me will help you work out why you feel stuck so that you can go on with your life

Each of us experiences times where we feel broken or lost or unsure. We want to gather our broken pieces together - we want to heal our heart and soul. I will be the guide on your inner journey to your soul feeling whole and restored, empowering you to draw on your own inner wisdom to restore the broken parts of you, no matter what your age or career. 

Wellbeing for children and teens

I can also help guide YOUR CHILD or TEEN individually to improve their mental wellbeing and learn tools to navigate issues in their own lives. 

I have created a beautiful space where your child can feel safe to explore their inner-world and what troubles them.

In a fairy-like garden and studio there is a feeling of magic - of something good possible.

There are times when a parent or carer is no aware of a situation where their child feels unsafe or threatened. These experiences can affect a child’s behaviour, can cause a child to withdraw or hit out, affect their sleep, their relationship and their health - mental and physical. They can also affect cognitive abilities.

The child is in a constant state of freeze, flee or fight.

So many children freeze and withdraw into their own little world to protect themselves.

  • I KNOW what it’s like to live in a world of fear and anxiety.

  • I KNOW what it’s like to live with trauma.

  • I KNOW what it’s like to feel the world is coming to an end.

  • I KNOW what it is like to have believed bad things about myself.

  • I KNOW what it is like to have believed bad things will happen to my family if I tell.

  • I KNOW.

But I have also HEALED from it. And found my way through.

I hold a SAFE, COMPASSIONATE SPACE for anyone who seeks my help.

For your child that means I LISTEN. I give them the safe space that they need, using beautiful creative processes, where words are not necessary in order for them to explore their inner world and allow their sub conscious to help them.

I allow them to express their inner-world SAFELY. This is where the ‘magic’ begins, and their own inner light begins to shine.

In this imaginative space, children feel safe and free to explore their inner-world through the use of gentle but powerful creative therapies. They allow their inner-world to play out as pictures in the sand or on paper, freeing them to share what is troubling them.

After a series of sessions there are often positive changes in the child such as …

  • a sense of lightness

  • improved cognitive abilities

  • improved self-confidence and understanding

  • improved problem solving skills

  • And their inner light begins to shine.

Could you child benefit by partaking in this magical adventure?

Contact Karen to book an appointment now on 0412 465 037 or email 

Make a positive investment for yourself or your child.

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As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Dharug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.
I honour the custodians of sacred stories, of dreamings and the connections with the deep earth.

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