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Karen's Guided Meditations

I am adding to this page this week. Please check back soon for more.

A short GUIDED MEDITATION for all ages - an activity for you or your child - for the child in you - to help you through anxious times.


The feeling of rain

This is an imagining exercise ... what does the rain feel like? Think of the joy, blessings, nurturing, healing rain … how do you feel rain? How would you draw it?



This meditation was created to encourage visualising prayers for healing, nurturing rain because at this time there is a collective fear consciousness of the ongoing drought and bushfires (wildfires). When the collective consciousness sends prayers to God/the Universe, in an attitude of gratitude not fear, then good things start happening. And it will make you feel good to do it as well. This one is about the feeling of rain and is suitable for children and the child in you.
Also a good exercise to do with a school class.

I hope this guided meditation serves you.

Nov 2019: Snippet of children's drawings ent in by a teacher who used the meditation in class. The children drew their own responses. They put them on a floor altar with their prayers for healing nurturing rain. (Very grateful to teacher for sending in this photo.) 

Many parts of Australia, including ours, are suffering serious bush fires (wild fires) and drought. Many children have anxiety about the drought. I am adding meditations to this page to help children, and the child in us, in a small way to think in a different way and to join in a ripple effect of energy and prayers for rain.