Counselling & Creative Therapies



Sandplay is a holistic approach to counselling. By choosing miniature objects as they are called to you, and placing them in the tray of sand, you will clearly display your inner world.  Each session is different. Your sub-conscious or inner wisdom reveals unspoken issues and helps bring solutions. Sandplay Therapy is for all ages.

Sandplay is a most effective tool for self discovery and is really helpful also to professionals who seek a gentle way of releasing whatever they have taken on.

With children or adults who have suffered trauma, Sandplay helps to initially communicate without words in a safe environment and they often play out what is worrying them by creating their inner world in the tray, thereby unconsciously releasing stress and helping them to resolve issues or concerns. Sandplay is very good for children who have suffered great change and trauma. Many times children will spontaneously start talking about what is worrying them as they draw their picture in the sand, or immediately afterwards.

BENEFITS: For CHILDREN, Sandplay can help release great emotions and transform the effects of trauma, releasing the child to share safely what is deep within.

Gives insight to ADULTS with what is revealed to them personally through symbols and objects.


SUITED TO: All ages

LOCATION: Studio when CovidSafe

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a distinct discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. It originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and is a great tool for inner insight and transformation, and for integration.
It is about the process, not the end product, and can be created with various expressive products including paint, drawing tools, clay, plasticine, blocks, movement/dance and more.

BENEFITS: Can help release burdens and anxiety. Can help reinforce, support and integrate cognitive processes in a natural way. Can help with personal insight.


SUITED TO: All ages

LOCATION: Online, or studio when CovidSafe


Soul ~ Inner Healing

There are parts of the soul that are damaged and break away for all kinds of reasons. Soul healing (inner healing) is about restoring the damaged or hidden parts of us.

Many women and older teens have experienced this inner journey and had remarkable and transformative experiences. They are always surprised at what they experience. Yet it is their own soul that brings to the surface whatever it is that is needed to inner heal. 

We use a combination of safe therapies including Sandplay or Shamanic Journeying processes, tapping into your own inner wisdom. We may use music, singing bowl, drumming or mindfulness meditation. It is whatever is best for you, at the time.

The inner journey is remarkable and is always guided by yourself.  Inner healing occurs on many levels.
Includes various tools such as Sandplay, Journey Visualisation, Ceremony, Writing, Art and more.

BENEFITS: Can help find purpose and restore the various parts of loss in your soul.


SUITED TO: Very much suited to women, (or those who identify as female),  who find the inner journey helps restore their soul and gives meaning to their life. Has also helped older teens.

LOCATION: Online, or studio when CovidSafe


Cognitive Therapy

'(Picture: Leaves on a stream' - mindfulness visualisation.)

Mindful Visualisations can help with relieving fear and anxiety.

Sometimes all you want is someone to talk through your worries and concerns.

Counselling is a way to share your deepest fears and troubles in safety, and find a way through without judgement. 

To change thought patterns and habits, we also use a mixture of creative processes, Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and a form of IFS (Internal Family Systems).

Often integrated into a session seemlessly to reinforce what has been worked through.

BENEFITS: Can help let go of unhelpful stories or self beliefs and integrate new/helpful self beliefs.


SUITED TO: Any age.

LOCATION: Online, or studio when CovidSafe