Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Art Materials 
What materials do I need?

There is a materials Art Tools list in the Introduction Chapter. Please modify to suit your needs. If you do not have all these, do not worry - it won't stop you doing the course. They are suggested tools only. Just use what you have and adapt, but please make sure you have an Art Journal for sketches and notes.

Art Journal
Do I need a special brand or special art journal?

No. Everyone will have favourite brands, or brands that are local to them.
For some, an Art Journal can be a plain paper exercise book, or it can be a hard cover art journal from an art shop. It is whatever is available for you. Decorate the cover if you wish. Create a Title Page. Make it fun.

Age Groups
Are there courses for different age groups?

Yes. The junior Kids Course is for kids 8+.
The HS Course is for older kids or high schoolers who want to do some more activities.
The Adult General Course is for anyone 16+ including older people.

More courses are also being currently planned.


ART TASKS - how to upload
Help for your upload ...

You can use your phone camera or another camera to photograph your work.
If you have pictures and notes to upload, it is best to join your photographed images together and make them into a pdf. Or you can copy them into a Word or Pages (Mac) document to upload (see template to download). JPG is also fine. Whatever is easiest for you.
Check your file size is less than 5mb before uploading. 

If you use the Template provided in the course, you can open it in Word or Mac Pages. SAVE AS a different file for each Art Task.
Each Art Task has a separate upload area.

Certificate of Achievement
How do I get my Certificate of Achievement?

In order to receive a Certificate of Achievement, all art tasks must be uploaded as asked. There is no right or wrong. Take your time. I want you to enjoy the course. Once all tasks have been completed and approved, you will find your Certificate in your Dashboard area in Thinkific.

HOW LONG does a course take to do?

The course is released in four modules.
The first on enrolment, then 1 days, 2 days, 3 days later.
This is because some kids like to do a whole course in school holidays.
You could take up to 8 weeks if you wished. It is whatever pace is best for you and your life style.
Sometimes it is better to go a little slower and do a module over two weeks, or even three.
It is not a good idea to leave it for any longer than three weeks between each module, or you may feel you need to go back to the first module and start again to refresh your memory.

Course Modules/Lessons
When do the lessons or modules get released?

The course is released in four modules a day apart. See note on Course - How long does a course take to do?

Course creation
Who creates the lessons and drawings etc in the course?

Your teacher Karen Curran creates all the drawings and photos and the music and meditation/visualisations. She also makes this website and the course. She is the one who looks at your Art Tasks also.
The teaching platform is created in Thinkific.
Karen is an artist, teacher and storyteller, but is also a transpersonal Art Therapist.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please drop me a line and I will do my best to answer.

Art with Soul Classes facilitated by Karen Curran
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