As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Darug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.

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Ceremony is an important connection

We partake in ceremony when we say 'thank you' to nature around us. It can be about joy, or it can be acknowledging the sadness.
Or when we prepare an honouring for someone we know, in the present - or for those who have passed. Ceremony can be about anything in our own spiritual journey in life.

It's not generally understood how important ceremony is for closure, or change - particularly for children and teens.
Karen can create a simple ceremony in the studio and garden as a way to mark certain life experiences and provide a way to process in a gentle and compassionate way. This can also be very helpful for a child or teen who has not been able to grieve a loss.

These ceremonial processes are about us - the heart of us - and help us heal from the inside. There may be music, drumming, poetry and the like. Karen can also create ceremony at private bookings such as at a local nature labyrinth in the Blue Mountains, and dates can be co-ordinated with their availability to hire.


Note: these are not legal binding ceremonies, ie not marriage ceremonies. They are honouring life ceremonies and have a spiritual base connecting body, mind and spirit. They can be often be set in nature and provide a connection that can help begin or end something, or bring closure. Can be very helpful if you are on your own personal spiritual journey.
Ceremony can enhance our life.

If you would like to enquire, please contact Karen here