Client Bookings




ONLINE SESSIONS are available.

Clients - past and present - are registered and can book online or contact Karen direct.
If you are a new client, please read the INFORMED CONSENT page and contact Karen initially here.


STUDIO SESSIONS are currently unavailable due to an extended Lockdown. When they return, they will continue to be subject to COVIDSAFE procedures.
Regular clients will be offered studio places and then other sessions will be available from the waiting list.

Book online

For registered clients.

All clients must be REGISTERED before bookings accepted.
If you are a NEW CLIENT please Enquire here first.

Please choose your time slot and remember that cancellation policy applies. Online bookings are currently Wed to Sat.

STUDIO sessions: 
As our area is in Lockdown, all studio appointments are currently unavailable.
A waiting list is available for registered clients, subject to Covid-19 restrictions and precautions.

Check schedule for availability and book OR contact Karen to enquire.