Holistic counsel online BOOKINGS



Bookings for existing or former child/adolescent clients - studio or online.
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Women Sessions

Bookings for existing or former adult women or parent of existing child clients only studio or online.


Meet & Greet


Complimentary ONLINE Zoom 15 mins to see if this therapy is a good fit for you, or your child.




ONLINE for everyone, all ages.All you need is a quiet space, a comfy chair and table or lap table, and simple tools such as crayons or felt pens, writing pens and paper. It is about what is crea ted in a guided journey, not a masterpiece. No experience required.


Time zone is Sydney time.  Session times subject to change or availability.
Children 45 mins regular, 30 mins.
Complimentary Meet & Greet session 15 mins required before acceptance.
Women and adolescents first session 75 mins - followups 75, 60, 45 mins or 30 mins
Fees vary between $90 to $165. Average $120 to $140 per session child or adult.
Credit cards Visa and MasterCard accepted.

If your child is suffering anxiety or trauma and you are in genuine financial need, please contact Karen to discuss.


For anyone, adult or child, ONLINE SESSIONS can be just as helpful as in studio.
All you need is a quiet space, a comfy chair and table or lap table, and simple tools such as crayons or felt pens, writing pens and paper. It is about what is created in a guided journey, not a masterpiece, in session,

The studio and garden is a place of wellness and peace, located in the Blue Mountains.

Due to health precautions and cleaning between each session, limited studio places are available for individual counsel for individual children, adolescents. and women of all ages. 

ONLINE SESSIONS for everyone 
Online Zoom sessions are available for everyone Tuesday to Sunday or early evenings.  Meet & Greet sessions also available online only at present.

All session times subject to change.

In order to work with holistic counsel, there must be a 'good fit' between therapist and the participant (client).

For this reason, Karen specialises in working with women, children and adolescents using creative processes to support personal change and inner healing. 

NOTE: The Heart of Us is a place of wellness and peace for all who attend.
CONDITIONS: All in-studio appointments are subject to physical distancing and health procedures and government guidelines. No-one is to present to the studio with any flu or virus or disease symptoms. Nor if you, or your family, or anyone at school or work or friends, has been in contact with anyone with any illness or recently returned from overseas. Masks and disposable gloves in use. Strict hand washing, sanitiser, temperature check infrared gun, disinfecting procedures and more in effect. Please wear clean clothes. It is essential to not wear any clothing that has been exposed to coughing or illness symptoms by you or others. Karen reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone exhibiting unwell symptoms. Thank you for your understanding in preventing the transmission of ANY disease. Wishing you wellness.


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As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Darug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.

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