Karen is a registered qualified Counsellor, Transpersonal Art and Sandplay Therapist with interests in transpersonal Art Therapy, Sandplay Therapy, Music, Dance, Storytelling, Spiritual (soul)  - emphasising a holistic emphasis in person-centred counsel and inner/spiritual healing.


With a focus on person-centred and the transpersonal, Karen uses various tools and activities, including working with nature in a holistic way, as well as other tools such as Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), to help the seeker/client discover their true self. Karen is also an artist.

Karen resides in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia with her husband and their cat and visiting bird wildlife.
She enjoys the wildlife and bush areas of the mountains.

Her passion is to make a difference, and to inspire hope from everything she does including helping people transform the stories they tell themselves. 

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Karen Curran is a Member of the ACA Australian Counselling Association

Working With Children authority WWC1552620E

First Aid Certificate

Professional MEMBER of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Professional Full MEMBER of the HTA Holistic Therapists Australia Inc


There is a reason that I work with inner healing of heart and soul with a special interest in overcoming the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression and grief.

In my formative years I spent decades in creative arts and design, and teaching. A number of years ago I embarked on my own inner healing journey with professional support to find a way through the effects of serious trauma in childhood in the late 1950s and early 1960s that I had blocked out for decades, but which had unwanted ramifications in my own life. And then the magic happened - the 'gold' I discovered (The Hero's Journey) was that I knew deep in my heart that I was called to teach others to do the same, and was impressed to retrain with in-depth intense studies, leading to practising in holistic counsel as a professional Art Therapist & Sandplay Practitioner using all kinds of creative therapies. I use all my years and years of life experience, art, teaching and training as wisdom to empower you or your child to inner heal and find the answers you seek within you and transform the effects of the wounds of the past. My clients have ranged in age from 4 years to 86 years so far.

I do not encourage anyone to feel that they are a victim. Because we all make decisions about how we respond to situations as we go on in life. Understanding and taking responsibility for the decisions we make now as children or adults as responses to what happened to us, empowers us to be the best that we can be.


In many ways, it feels like my whole life journey has been to bring me to this place of guiding others to inner heal with gentle but empowering processes.

I have been there. I am qualified to be your guide.

Many blessings, 

Karen has an extensive background of studies and experience in various fields over decades.

As a professional she continues Professional Development regularly and continues her spiritual based art and writing and music to inspire.
She is currently working on an Affirmation Card set  of her own and makes her own handouts for participants at workshops.
Karen also enjoys studying the writings of such as John O'Donohue, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo and more.  

Ultimately, all her work is to inspire and empower for the highest good.

Some of her artworks are featured here on this website.

DIP in COUNSELLING - AIPC (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
In depth studies included:

  • Establish and Confirm he Counselling Relationship

  • The Counselling Process

  • Communication and the Counselling Interview

  • Supportive Decision Making

  • Personality and Development Theories

  • Learning Theories

  • Counselling Theories

  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • ACT Acceptance Commitment Therapy

  • Brief Interventions

  • Loss and Grief Support

  • Case Management and Counselling for Individualised Support

  • Counselling and Mental Health

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Counselling and Crisis

  • Diversity and Counselling

  • Counselling and Personal Reflection

    Special focus on Loss and Grief

DIP ART THERAPY (Transpersonal)  - (College of Clinical & Educational Art Therapy) 
Studies included:

  • Theories and Techniques in Art Therapy

  • Assessment Techniques of Art Therapy

  • Clinical Art Therapy

  • Psychopathology

  • Art Therapy and Neuro-plasticity

  • Child and Family Art Therapy

  • Positive and Strength Based Art Therapy

  • Art Therapy Through the Life Span

  • Art Therapy and Spiritual Growth

  • Group Dynamics and Family Systems

  • Group Art Therapy

  • History and Systems of Counselling

  • Advanced Communication Skills

  • Ethics

  • Research: Thesis - Majoring in Trauma Therapy

  • Theories & Techniques and Clinical Art Therapy 

  • Psychopathology

  • Through the Life Span

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Mental Health

  • Child & Family 

  • Oral and more.

    Special focus on Trauma Therapy


Professional Sandplay Practitioner trained


  • Children's Sandplay Training 

  • Facilitation Techniques

  • Shadow Exploration

  • How to Facilitate Sandplay

  • Sandplay Master 1

  • Sandplay Master 2


TRANSFORMATIONAL MASK Certificate Practitioner​
CIRCALORE Certificate in Shamanism & Transformational Mask with Vicki Dean 
(the masks we wear throughout our lives and how to live authentically)



* AIPC Grief and Loss Counselling

* Cert: CAREER AS A JOURNEY OF SOUL (An Introduction to the Depth Psychology of Vocation) - Dr Suzanne Cremen

* NICABM PD Courses focusing on trauma
* B-School Marie Forleo for businesses with soul

* Certificate Level I/II Reconnective Healing
Certificate Healing WIth the Arts - Mary Rockwood Lane


* AIPC current Extra PD Major Studies


  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

  • BMI Teaching Qualifications TAFE

  • Dip in Visual Art, Graphic Arts, Typography & Communication


  • Gabby Bernstein short courses and writings

  • Courses by Sandra Ingerman

  • Courses by Michael Stone- Well of Light

  • Gabby Bernstein MASTERCLASS 2020 

  • home-lge
  • Instagram - Grey Circle



As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Dharug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.
I honour the custodians of sacred stories, of dreamings and the connections with the deep earth.

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