More about the counselling and art services


Sandplay and Art Therapy

There are times when words are not enough.
Trauma, grief,
confused emotions, anxiety ...

Counselling Plus
We use creative therapies plus other processes such as Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), to help transform what is troubling you, working on emotions and feelings.
Sandplay is excellent for those who have suffered trauma and grief.
Children love it, teens and adults are amazed with it.

Beautiful, transformative creative processes for all ages.

Initially a few sessions, however many find it helps so much that they prefer to book in bi-weekly, and then move to monthly maintenance after any number of sessions.


For some, particularly children, it can be longterm as a supportive life option, as clients love the processes.

Counselling using Sandplay and Art Therapy are offered in studio.

Counselling including Art Therapy offered as Telehealth Online,



Soul Therapy

Do you feel that there is more that you want to discover about yourself?  Working with the inner soul helps you to access more of your inner wisdom and inner heal the stories and beliefs that you have taken on.

In session, I travel right alongside you as you open up your awareness and learn more about yourself. I am your guide on your soul journey to inner healing.
Can help find purpose.

Inner healing occurs on many levels.
We use various tools such as Sandplay, Journey Visualisation, Ceremony, Writing, Art and more.

Very much suited to women who find the whole journey helps restore their soul and gives meaning to their life.


Soul Therapy using Sandplay and Art Therapy are offered in studio.

Soul Therapy including Art Therapy offered as Telehealth Online,




Sometimes all you want is someone to talk through your worries and concerns.

Counselling is a way to share your deepest fears and troubles in safety, and find a way through without judgement. 

Addressing concerns and goals. 

To change thought patterns and habits, we also use a mixture of creative processes, Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).

Counselling including talking, Art Therapy and other processes as above, offered as Telehealth Online,

Trauma, and/or grief, is approached gently

A note regarding work with trauma ... trauma must be approached gently.
The same with grief.

Other processes are only used to change thought patterns and habits when the client is ready, especially with working with children. No-one is ever forced to remember or re-live trauma.

My work is person-centred, and I create a safe space so that the child or person can remember in their own time, and process the trauma safely and gently.
Only then can we do processes to help change unhelpful thoughts. These can include a mixture of creative processes, Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) processes. Each client is an individual.


“My child was internalising a lot of her stress and anxiety. This is a really safe space for her to express that in an outward way. She is now able to identify her emotions and process them in a positive and creative way, finding solutions that work for her.”
Parent of 8 year old


“My child has become so much more open, talkative and affectionate and returned to being the child he was before he suffered emotional trauma. So grateful.”

Parent of 11 year old