As a resident of the beautiful Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia I acknowledge the Darug and the Gundungurra Nations as the traditional custodians of this beautiful land in which we live.

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Karen has a natural gift to take on you on a transformative journey that can ignite the light within your heart and soul.


Sandra Martin,
eacher Goulburn

Let your inner light shine

Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN

The Heart of Us is a different and creative approach to inner healing or mental wellbeing. Sometimes all it takes is a little clarity and time out to rediscover that inner magic and hope within you. Karen uses gentle but transformative processes in a safe and compassionate space to help transform the effects of worries, anxiety, trauma, life events, the stories we have taken on, and much more.

Together we can make it happen and let your inner light shine.
Children, teens and adults. Online sessions also available.

A calm, safe and compassionate, beautiful space for you to explore your inner world in safety using creative tools.
These processes work to help you, or your child, inner heal and empower you to be the best you can be, changing beliefs about yourself and learning new ways of being.

A safe space

Support for your child to find a way through - to navigate what troubles them by guiding them to access their inner world in order to process and find inner peace, healing & solutions. 
Support also for children who suffer the effects of anxiety or trauma.

Support for children

Using compassionate listening skills and intuitive wisdom, Karen provides a safe space where you can access your inner wisdom to problem solve or inner heal. Support also for  healing of the spirit (spiritual crisis) in order to live a new way of being in a happier way.

I KNOW what it is like to live in a world of fear and anxiety. 
I also KNOW what it is like to live free of the same.

Insightful - adult

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