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Welcome. Being one person, I am limited in what I can offer. We are living in challenging times ...
so, if you are looking for immediate help, please go to the RESOURCES page where you will find many links to online resources with some of them providing free counselling online and some also have resources that may direct you to any practical help that you need also, downloadable tools or podcasts.

'Peace begins with me'

 Counselling and psychotherapy using gentle creative and transformative processes to support inner healing and change for emotional health

Both ONLINE and in STUDIO appointments

Support to make change to inner heal and become the truest version of you


Self-empowerment comes when you make change to align with your inner truth.

'Peace begins with me'


Have you tried everything to find answers or a way to make your life better, yet you still feel lonely, anxious or depressed or withdrawn?


Often, unresolved experiences including grief, trauma, anxiety, abuse, disappointments … can contribute to your feeling miserable, as you have taken on the stories and self-beliefs and thoughts that are now unhelpful to you.

Kind words


Holistic Counselling with
Sandplay & Art Therapy

By appointment in the studio (Blue Mountains, NSW).
There are times when words are not enough. Trauma, grief, confused emotions ...

Counselling Plus
We use creative therapies to help transform what is troubling you, working on emotions and feelings.

Studio sessions are experiential using a range of processes including Sandplay and/or Art Therapy as well as other processes as needed, or appropriate, such as Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy). 


Soul Therapy

Do you feel that there is more that you want to discover about yourself? To go deeper?


Working with the inner soul in psychotherapy helps you to access more of your inner wisdom and inner heal the stories and beliefs that you have taken on. Can help find purpose.

Soul Therapy is also offered as Telehealth online for adults,


Online Telehealth

Sometimes all you want is someone to talk through your worries and concerns.

Counselling - traditional or creative - is a way to share your deepest fears and troubles in safety, and find a way through without judgement. 


Online Telehealth sessions are also experiential using different techniques and Art Therapy processes as well as Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).

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"One of your greatest strengths is that of empathy which allows you to be connected with your client and to guide gently in the safe space that you create, towards the solution that will allow them to maximise themselves.


What you have to offer is unique and so filled with heart energy."​ Barbara
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"Karen has a natural gift to take you on a transformative journey that can ignite the light within your heart and soul."


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Trauma, and/or grief, is approached gently

A note regarding work with trauma ... trauma must be approached gently.
The same with grief.

Other processes are only used to change thought patterns and habits when the client is ready, especially with working with children. No-one is ever forced to remember or re-live trauma  - you will only share your story as you feel safe and ready. This is a safe space to share.

My work is person-centred, and I create a safe space so that the child or person can remember in their own time, and process the trauma safely and gently.
Only then can we do processes to help change unhelpful thoughts. These can include a mixture of creative processes, Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) processes. Each client is an individual.

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